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Ordering Machine E15

COFFEE ROBOT self-ordering system is linked to the C1 PRO robotic system. One C1 PRO robot can link multiple E15 self-ordering systems.
After the user completes the order in any E15 self-service ordering machine, the user will get a meal code; at the same time, the C1 PRO robot will automatically start the production of food. Users can get their own food orders on C1 PRO with the meal code.

E15 supports mainstream online payment platforms and also supports credit card. We currently do not offer a cash checkout option.

E21 with 21 inch screen is available (optional).

Installation Options


E15 A 

This Countertop Stand model can be installed directly on desktop


E15 B 

This Floor Stand model can be place on the ground as a stand alone kiosk.

​Key features

Built purposefully with self-service in mind, the E15 Self-Service Stands offer the ability to securely add a printer and EMV Payment Device while offering the space you need for additional components - from the USB 3.0 hub that comes with the stand, to a power supply and network switch, the space can be used to fit your needs.


The ability to take payment is essential to complete a transaction. The E15 Self-Service solutions offer compatible EMV cradles to securely mount an EMV Payment device directly to the stand. Compatible EMVs include: Verifone (MX915) and Ingenico (RP757, iSC250, IPP350).

The stand offers built-in housing to securely install a printer in a clean, cable-free installation. Compatible printers include: Epson TM-T88, Star TSP-100, Star TSP-654 or Bixolon SRP-350.

E15 gets powerful processing from Qualcomm, premium touch panel and feature-rich ANDROID multilingual system.

E15 Specification 

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